Working 4 you: Pool safety for late summer

Working 4 you: Pool safety for late summer

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane has seen some really hot temperatures lately, and that means kids are spending plenty of time in the pool. But parents shouldn't get too confident when letting them swim. 

A scary statistic from the Consumer Product Safety Commision: drowning is the second leading cause of death for children between five and 14 years old. 

By this point in the season, many children have had swim lessons or camps, but reminders about pool safety need to be ongoing. 

Karen Cohn lost her 6-year-old son to a drain entrapment and has since channeled her energy into educating young swimmers about pool safety. 

"We teach the children if they have long hair you need to tie your hair back, do not swim near a drain. If a cover is coming loose in a pool, that pool needs to be shut down until it is repaired because you can become stuck," said Cohn.

Karen travels the country teaching swimmers ages five through nine about the A, B, C, D's of pool safety. 

A -- an adult should always be nearby. 

B -- don't climb over barriers like fences or gates if a pool is closed. 

C -- children should take classes like swim lessons and CPR. 

And D -- drain safety. 

She also says parents need to avoid distractions when their children are in the pool. That means no reading or spending time on your phone. She says keeping an eye on your kids is the most important thing.