Working 4 you: Officials warn of beach dangers after tragic accident

Working 4 you: Officials warn of beach dangers after tragic accident

SPOKANE, Wash. - Millions of Americans are flocking to the beaches on these hot summer days, and officials are sending out a new safety warning. But this warning has nothing to do with sharks or rip currents, this warning is all about the sand. 

The warning comes after a terrible tragedy at a northern California beach. It's probably something you've seen people do over and over. 

Rescue workers say Adam Pye, a recent college graduate, died last week, buried alive inside a ten-foot deep hole he dug in the sand. 

Dozens of beachgoers frantically tried to reach him, but it was too late.

And this isn't the first incident of its type to spark such a warning. 

Back in 2011 it took firefighters 27 minutes to rescue a 17-year-old boy who survived being buried in a seven-foot deep tunnel. 

But in 2012 a 12-year-old New Jersey boy wasn't so lucky. He died after being trapped in a tunnel he dug with his brother. 

And officials want you know that a deadly situation like this happens in seconds, but it can be prevented.

They say to make sure if you're digging a tunnel that it is only knee-deep. If something happens then, you can either get yourself out or easily be reached by others. 

They also say to make sure you cover any tunnels before you leave, preventing anyone else from crawling through. 

It's a reminder this summer that you should be thinking about more than just the dangers of the ocean while at the beach.