Working 4 You: Local voting accuracy

Working 4 You: Local voting accuracy

Result-altering election fraud is rare, and Donald Trump is not the first candidate to suspect it.

The Republican presidential nominee has changed his focus as of late, claiming the 2016 election is "rigged" against him.

Elections officials and political leaders from both major parties, including Trump's running mate Mike Pence, have stepped up to express their confidence in the system.

But, some voters are unconvinced.

How accurate is the elections process in Spokane?

"Here in Spokane, we're known as the queen of recounts," said Spokane County auditor Vicky Dalton.

Dalton said that, other than King, no other county in Washington has conducted as many recounts as Spokane has in the last ten years.

Since the controversial 2004 Governor's election between Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi, Washington's elections process has received a great deal of attention.

"In the state of Washington, our elections have be scrutinized over and over and over again," Dalton said.

It has paid off. Most of the recounts have exactly matched the originals. If not, they're only one or two numbers apart, Dalton said.

In Spokane County, caution is taken to ensure voting integrity and accuracy.

"We work on paper," Dalton said. "Paper ballots, so we don't have any kind of electronic voting," she said.

Our system is what's known as "air-gapped". The choices we make on our ballots will never come into contact with the internet, making tampering unlikely.

"Through all these elections, we've proven over and over again that our elections are accurate and that we do count the ballots the way the voters intended," Dalton said.

Many elections officers worry the suspicions of election fraud could damage voter interest and turnout.

"It is very discouraging to me that any candidate would be making claims that are unsubstantiated and without proof. That's absolutely irresponsible," Dalton said.

Ballots will be mailed out this week. If you are a new voter you have until Oct. 31 to register, in person, at the Elections Office. For more information, see the Elections Office website.