Working 4 You: Avoid rising ATM fees

Working 4 You: Avoid rising ATM fees

SPOKANE, Wash. - Does it feel like you're losing money every time you take money from an ATM? It's because you are. ATM fees are the highest they've ever been - for the 10th year in a row.

Bankrate.Com says the average fee to use an out-of-network ATM is about $4.57. That means you could be paying more than nine percent in fees for every $50 you withdraw. But, there are ways to avoid the fees, and possibly avoid the ATM altogether.

Time Magazine recommends several "stupidly easy" steps to avoid these record fees.

  • Go mobile. Your bank's app will likely include a map to find the closest ATM in the network, where you won't have to pay extra fees.
  • Get cash back. Grocery stores and pharmacies offer what amounts to a free ATM withdrawal. You're already there, may as well get cash and avoid the ATM.
  • Shop around. Find a bank that won't punish you. Online banks that don't have regular branches often have lower fees or no fees at all.
  • You can shop and compare with this tool from NerdWallet.com.