Working 4 you: Are you planning properly for retirement?

Working 4 you: Are you planning properly for retirement?

SPOKANE, Wash. - Labor Day is just around the corner, and you probably put some time in planning the perfect vacation. But could you say you've spent the same amount of time planning for retirement?

Vacation is obviously very important to people, and a new study shows people spend more time looking for that perfect destination than they do looking into their 401(k)s.

A survey done for Charles Schwab shows that of 1,000 people saving for retirement, 39% say they spent more than five hours looking into vacation destinations. Only 11% say they spent the same amount of time checking out investment ideas for their 401(k). And about a third actually spent under an hour total.

If these numbers trouble you, or if it raises a red flag, there are some things you can do to devote more care and attention to getting the right mix of stocks and bonds for your retirement.

Check with your employer about your 401(k) options. 

In some cases you may be elligible for free online investment advice tools as part of your 401(k) offering. 

Other employers may provide access to investment advisers, though it may come with an additional cost. 

And always make sure you are contributing enough into you 401(k) to get your employer to match the contribution. 

The survey found that many workers hadn't taken advantage of any help, or they didn't even know it was available. Only 23% if people said they had sought professional help.