Women and Children's Free Restaurant planning major move

Women and Children's Free Restaurant planning major move

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Women and Children's Free Restaurant, a local non-profit that feeds thousands of families a year, is planning to move to a new building which could allow them to reach even more families.

The restaurant is hoping to move from its current location on North Monroe to the old Center Pointe Building on the corner of Washington and Sinto.

For 26 years the restaurant has fed families from a small church basement, but in order to grow their organization, they need to grow their kitchen.

"We provide nourishment for their souls as well as nourishment for their bodies," Sherry Harbaugh said.

The kitchen serves up between 100 and 300 plates of food a day; no one is ever turned away.

"We've got everyone from single mom goes to work 40 hours a week but runs short of grocery money towards the end of the month, we have people that might not even have a home that come to dinner, we've got students, grandmothers and grandkids," Erin Stricher said.

For the first time in the organization's history they will soon have a building to call their own.

"We're literally in a church basement, so it's a little bit warm down here and we don't have windows.

Not only will the new building give them a lot more space, but allow the organization to reach even more people throughout Spokane," Stricher said.

The kitchen is hoping to have satellite restaurants where they will be able to better access families from Spokane Valley to the South Hill.

"It's going to just explode us. The sky is the limit when that new building opens," Stricher said.

There is one catch. In order to move into the new building, the kitchen needs to be re-done, which will cost an estimated $400,000. So far the kitchen has received assistance from the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund. The fund will match the next $50,000 that is donated toward the campaign.

If you would like to find out more about this organization and help it reach its fundraising goal, click here.