Woman scolds thief who stole her bike

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane woman is waging a war of words on the person who stole her bike.

Erika Prins locked the bike to a light pole at Howard and Riverside on Monday night during a meeting, and an hour later, it was gone.

The bike was Prins' only mode of transportation, an expensive one at that. The 52-centimeter Trek 2.1 Road Bike retails at $1,400, plus upgrades she made to make it fit her just right.

"I've been walking around, kind of clutching to all my other stuff because I feel a lot more vulnerable now," Prins said.

So, Prins did the only thing she could think to do: She wrote an open letter to her bike's thief.

Woman scolds thief who stole her bike

"It was also just cathartic because I was very upset," Prins said.

The poignant letter appears in the Spokvangelist, which is an alternative blog about culture.

"Dear bike thief," Prins began her letter. "Maybe you read me as a spoiled chick with money to throw around, whatever you assumed about what I have and what society owes you or whatever your (rationale), you're wrong."

She's hoping the letter will strike a chord with readers.

"What you might not have guessed is that it's my only way to get around," Prins wrote in the letter.

Since the thief, Prins has had to walk everywhere or try to catch a convenient bus.

Prins thinks an open letter might convince the thief to return her bike. She's even given the person a location: Merlyn's Comics at 19 West Main St.

"I don't have any desire to get the guy back or the girl or whatever," Prins said. "It's just, I want my bike back and so I would appreciate it, no questions asked. I just want it back."

Read Erika Prins' open letter to the bike thief