Wojo Works has something for everyone on your shopping list

SPOKANE, Wash. - Christmas shopping is in full swing now and if you're tired of seeing the same gifts year after year there's a store downtown guaranteed to have something you've never seen before.

Like, say, cardboard taxidermy.

Cardboard taxidermy sounds a little scary but it's actually quite fun, especially if you're interested in mounting a unicorn on your wall, one of the many unique items you'll find downtown at Wojo Works.

Wojo Works

At Wojo Works, it's not just the cardboard heads that's go people talking. Every last corner is filled with item after item of unique mid-century design.

"The little wind-up critters, people seem to love, too." Christopher Wojtowicz said.

Christopher and Ladonna Wojtowicz grew up in Spokane, but spent many years in Seattle and Portland. When they landed back home something was missing.

"When people come into the store a lot of them say 'Oh I feel like I'm in Seattle' or we've had some people say 'Oh I feel like this is a store that could be in L.A.' or something like that and that makes us feel good because that's exactly what we were going for," Ladonna Wojtowicz said.

They're going for unique at Wojo Works and they've hit the spot. Wandering the store you can't help but pick up each item to figure out how it works.

"I love it when people walk back to the cards and I can hear them laughing when they read the cards; it's one of my favorite things," Christopher said.

We all have those "unique" relatives on our shopping list that are tough to buy for; your solution is in Wojo Works.

"I work really hard to find unique items that can fit multiple price points and can be affordable for different people in Spokane," Christopher said.