Witness recounts fatal crash in Spokane

Witness recounts fatal crash in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are continuing to investigate a Saturday afternoon car crash that killed a woman and sent a man and baby to the hospital.

The crash happened at Nevada and Garland around 3p.m. Police say the intersection was congested at the time.

Police have not released any of identities of the people involved in the two vehicle collision, but they did say the man and baby suffered from non-life threatening injuries.

Broken glass and car materials is what's left at this intersection of Nevada and Garland after Saturday's fatal crash.

"I was right next to the fence. The car was coming this way, turned this way, flipped up and rolled that way," Vanessa Bolter, a witness of the crash, said.

Her fence now destroyed, Bolter says she was in her front yard setting up Christmas lights on her fence at the time of the crash.

"Then, I heard a crash and when I looked back the SUV was rolling towards me, so I ran," she said.

That's when she heard the sound of a baby crying.

"My son-in-law, both of us, heard the baby. I ran over. What if it was mine? I mean, I have four children and when they were all little, it terrified me of getting them all out. It was a mommy's instinct to make sure that baby was okay," Bolter said.

Vanessa calls the intersection a dangerous one.

"People whip by, people don't pay attention. Kids are walking and Lonfgellow Elementary is around the corner and people just don't pay attention," Bolter said.

Police say the road was congested at the time of the crash.

"One of cars was trying to slowly cross over a couple lanes and couldn't see other car coming," Spokane Police Officer R. Van Tassel said.

It's a tragedy just days into the holiday season.

"I feel bad for both of them. I feel bad for the kid in the white car. I feel bad for the family. He was freaking out, he wanted to make sure she was okay. It's sad," Bolter said.

The driver of the second car was not injured. Officers say neither of the drivers were impaired at the time of the accident and no arrests were made.