Winter weather leads to hazardous road conditions

As a snowstorm blanketed the region Wednesday, drivers were quickly reminded how precarious navigating snow and ice covered roads can be.

Between 2 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, Washington State Patrol responded to more than 70 crashes and slide offs.

On I-90, traffic was backed up for miles, at times the freeway looked more like a parking lot.

"People need to slow down," John Wiedmer said.

"I love the weather, but it's not good for traffic, " Wiedmer added.

Winter weather leads to hazardous road conditions

John Wiedmer is a tow truck driver for Divine's. Wednesday was supposed to be his day off but as the snow started to pile up it became clear he'd be working instead.

"Hope this isn't a record breaker accident days for this year, it's the first big snow of year during commute hour so usually amounts to a lot of accidents and a lot of people looking for another car to drive," he added.

On Walnut and 5th, Spokane firefighters said between 25 and 35 cars slid down the icy hill.

"Before the gravel and de-icer truck came down it was really dicey, like a skating rink," Dean Maginnis said.

Dean Maginnis stayed on the sidewalks to avoid a treacherous commute.

"I've got three pair of socks on," he said.

"I have to take it real easy because at my age if I fall down and break a hip I'm in big trouble," Maginnis said.