Will recreational marijuana supply meet public's demand?

Will recreational marijuana supply meet public's demand?

SPOKANE, Wash. - Recreational marijuana is being grown right now and will hit retail store across Washington in early July but will there be enough to go around?

"This strain is called Train Wreck, it's being harvested today," said Scott O'Neil with Pacific Northwest Medical, as he trimmed a 12" long 1/4 lb. marijuana bud.

Right now O'Neil works in the medical marijuana field but in two weeks he'll be on his own.

"And we'll be selling recreational marijuana," O'Neil added.

He hopes his new store will be the first recreational marijuana store to open in Washington; O'Neil Industries, an authorized retailer of Kouchlock.

"We've secured product from a couple of vendors, definitely working on getting more. The product we have right now is probably going to last a couple days," said O'Neil.

O'Neil said some producers are already sold out for the next year and that's weeks before retail stores even open.

That supply will depend on how many growers can get up to speed in the next couple of months. In hopes of building clientele early O'Neil says he's going for as much variety as he can get his hands on.

"Hope to have about 10 strains, 10-15 different strains," said O'Neil.

Eventually O'Neil wants to expand to 100 strains. But he knows getting product early will be key and he's willing to pay extra up front for it.

"Ten percent over market rate for that," said O'Neil.

Industry experts say the fall crop of recreational marijuana won't be enough to support the industry early on but that by late next year there should be enough supply to meet demand. And just how many people is O'Neil expecting for opening day? Have you seen people camp out for the new iPhones?

"We've had interest and we kinda threw it out there that some people wanted to camp out there and we've had a good return on it," said O'Neil.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board said the first licenses for retail shops will most likely be mailed out sometime in the first week of July.