Whitworth readies campus for incoming freshmen

Whitworth readies campus for incoming freshmen

One of the largest classes in Whitworth University's history moved in Saturday. Parents and students would never have guessed the state the campus was in just a few weeks ago.

After only losing around seven trees after the first big storm, Greg Orwig, Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid, said Whitworth University was hit hard the second time around.

'We lost about 30 trees and then we took down about 30 or 40 more just because they showed some sign of vulnerability and we wanted to be extra safe," said Orwig.

The university estimates the damage was over $500 million. Insurance covered most of the cost, so the main concern was clean up.

Juliana Zajicek, a Whitworth student, said the aftermath was shocking.

"We were all kind of wondering how are they going to do this? The question was, are they going to make it to opening weekend?" said Zajicek

The university said they were going to do whatever it took.

"Our amazing ground crew has been working like mad for the last month to get ready for today," said Orwig.

The last of the fallen trees were cleaned up this week, with just days to spare.

"We spent this last week just getting the grounds tip top ready, we had probably 15 lawn mowers across campus doing that final mow so the campus looks fantastic this morning," said Orwig.

As families gathered on campus to move in the newest Whitworth additions, there were few clues remaining that any damage has been done.

"Campus looks beautiful! And you would not be able to tell," said Zajicek.