Where are all the presidential campaign yard signs?

Where are all the presidential campaign yard signs?

SPOKANE, Wash. - Donations are one way to support a candidate. Putting a sign in your yard is another. But it seems as though we're seeing a lot fewer campaign signs this year.

KXLY drove around for more than two hours on Wednesday looking for signs in support of Trump and Clinton. We found many local candidate signs, but not nearly as many presidential candidate signs as you may expect during a presidential election.

A Gonzaga Political Science professor explains there may be a few reasons why.

"I put out a sign every year," said Terry Close, who lives on the South Hill and put a Trump sign up on his fence.

His is the only political sign on his block.

"I think a lot of people are keeping their heads down. They don't want to end up in trouble. I'm surprised mine hasn't been burned down by now," Close said.

"The public reception of the candidates on both sides has not been deliriously happy," said Gonzaga Political Science Professor Michael Treleaven.

Treleaven explained there are multiple factors at play. The candidates, especially Donald Trump, are campaigning differently this election.

"Donald Trump is doing a very unusual thing this time around," Treleaven said. "He's not buying a lot of television advertisements for one thing."

Many voters are taking to social media to express their political views, a relatively new phenomenon.

"Perhaps the social media is really displacing that kind of advertising," Treleaven said. "I think it's too early to say for sure."

Treleaven explained, during a typical election, many people stay private about their political views. The divisiveness of this election could be amplifying that.

"The issues, the personalities, the kinds of things that have been put forward in the presidential debates have been discomforting to a lot of folks," he said.

But for Terry, a little divisiveness shouldn't get in the way of showing support for your candidate of choice.

"Nobody wants trouble, and that's sad in our present time," Close said. "We need to have people more civic minded."

Both the Spokane County GOP and Spokane County Democrats offices said they receive calls and people coming to the offices looking for signs daily. The Republicans say they've received $6,000 in donations for signs, which they estimate is more than 2,000 Trump signs.

The Democrats say they've given out about 800 Clinton signs.

Both groups encourage people to come to their offices to pick up signs.