Wet winter provides perfect conditions for cherries

Wet winter provides perfect...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Just 20 minutes from downtown Spokane, Green Bluff is the perfect weekend getaway to enjoy a tractor ride, some fresh fruit, and great company.

Brian Parker and his family have made coming down to Greenbluff a tradition.

“We have come down to Greenbluff every year for the kids to have the experience,” said Parker. “Them getting to put a little bit of work into it...is a really great experience for us.”Of course, some years the picking is better than others.

We got a lot of extra moisture this winter. It may have made a mess out on the roadways, but it made for the perfect conditions for cherries. This year is going to be an excellent crop.

“It's been excellent for the cherries, because cherries like a lot of water,” said Jason Morrell. “And last year we didn't have a lot of water. But this year we got an excess amount of water.”

Jason Morrell took over Walters Fruit Ranch from his father three years ago. With last year's troubles behind him, Morrell is looking ahead.

Thursday is the Annual Cherry Picker's Trot, with live music, games, and fun for every member of the family.

But during the summer, there's no bad weekend up here.

“You get to get out away from the city,” said Morrell. “You get to find out where the fruit comes from. You get to pick it off the tree.”