Water usage hits record levels in Spokane

Water usage hits record levels in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - In July Spokane had seventeen days of 90 degree weather and all that heat had hoses and sprinkler systems working overtime, translating into Spokane's water usage being the highest it's been in 7 years last month.

"It really is a result of the hot weather we're having, people want to keep their lawn green so they are using more water as a result," said Marlene Feist from the City of Spokane.

That had residents seeing bigger water bills. Spokane resident Thomas Lightfoot has only seen about a $15 increase per month on his bill this summer.

"We haven't seen a big spike," said Lightfoot.

But that's because he's being very frugal with his usage, watering the front yard and leaving the backyard nice and crispy.

"If I had kept it watered probably the way the land should be it would've spike more I'm sure," said Lightfoot.

Even the pros say its okay to see a little bit of stress on your lawn when it's this hot.

"Your going to see some stress my lawn has stress the nights are starting to cool off again that's really what the turf grasses need," said Duane Dombrowski, owner of Dew Drop Sprinklers and Landscaping.

Dew Drop Sprinklers has been keeping very busy this summer, installing and maintaining sprinkler systems that can save you some green in the long run.

"The smart controllers, they know when it's raining you can hook up moisture sensors, weather stations, things like that so you know how much water to put down," said Dombrowski.

But there are some simpler ways to cut back on your water usage.

"Water early in the morning, slower application on the hillsides," said Dombrowski.

People who water their lawn between noon and 6 pm, the hottest part of the day, are not doing much for their lawn as most of that water is evaporating. It's also best not to water when it's windy.

If you suspect your water bill is higher for a reason other than the heat the city will come and do an audit. You just have to call 625-7800.

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