Waste to Energy Plant celebrates 25 years

Waste to Energy Plant celebrates 25 years

Spokane, Wash - The Lilac City is celebrating 25 years of taking care of garbage and creating electricity with the Waste to Energy Facility.

It held a re-dedication ceremony Thursday morning at the facility.

The plant can handle up to 800 tons of waste each day and can generate 26 megawatts of electricity.  That's enough power to power to light up 13,000 homes.

Officials say it does more than just burn garbage and produce electricity.

"Because we see the value of instead of sending all of our garbage to you know landfills, we want to protect the earth," said Kris Major of the Waste to Energy Facility, "We want to protect the water and this is one way we're able to do that."

Since it went online in 1991 the facility has processed more than 6.5 million tons of waste.

Avista buys the electricity produced by the facility.