Want to get away? AAA has a new store for that

AAA opens new cruise and travel store on South Hill

Want to get away? AAA has a new store for that

SPOKANE, Wash. - The summer travel season is nearly upon us, and if you're looking for that perfect get away you might want to check out AAA's new cruise and travel store on the South Hill.

Whether you want to go to Boise or Berlin, Missoula or Madrid, the folks at AAA want to help you do it. At the very least they want you to make the trek to their new store on the South Hill for their grand opening next week, if you do, you might have a pretty good shot at going somewhere for free.

AAA is giving away two $1,000 Delta travel vouchers, a set of high end luggage and a cruise for two to Victoria aboard the Victoria Clipper.

"Come on in register for that and come see this fabulous store. I mean it is so cool the minute you walk in you just feel the travel energy," AAA Washington President and CEO Kirk Nelson said.

Nelson is excited about AAA's move to the South Hill, with the same staff from the downtown store ready to help customers in an awesome new environment.

"You walk in, you just feel travel, you sense travel," Nelson said.

As a twentysomething I wanted to know why I'd book with AAA versus going online and doing it myself. Most people my age setup vacations through popular travel sites like Kayak or surf for great deals on Groupon. AAA store manager Diane Hague said you make those plans at your own risk.

"Flights get canceled, things happen and when you book travel yourself there's nowhere to go, you have no recourse, you have nobody to call when things go wrong," she explained.

At AAA Cruise and Travel, you can count on a dedicated staff that will take care of any problems that arise.

"We do this all the time we have preferred vendors that we deal with and these vendors assure us that they will stand behind anything that we book through them," Hague said.

AAA will continue to offer their insurance services out of their new location, but their main focus is to help get you out of Spokane.