Visit Spokane wining and dining travel writers to promote Lilac City tourism

Visit Spokane wining and dining travel writers to promote Lilac City tourism

SPOKANE, Wash. - Don't write off the Lilac City. That's the message from Visit Spokane, which is hoping travel writers put pen to paper and promote our town.

On a beautiful day like Thursday it's hard to imagine people not coming to visit Spokane, but for many people Spokane isn't a place they think about for vacation. Visit Spokane is working to change that.

One misty gondola ride over the Spokane Falls and writer Elizabeth Rose is hooked.

"I love your river. I'm in love with it," she said.

Rose is one of eight travel writers Visit Spokane is treating to a two and a half day tour.

"Frankly I wouldn't have come, I would have said, 'I want to go to Seattle, I want to go to Vancouver, BC, unless you invite us and host us, we don't know," Rose said.

But she's quickly learning about Spokane and she's loving every minute.

"I have already been writing and tweeting since I have been here, it's been wonderful," she added.

Visit Spokane is wining and dining these writers, starting Tuesday morning with breakfast at the new City Hall plaza and then a ride on the gondolas.

"We get to come experience and then spread the word and preach the gospel if you will of all the wonderful things Spokane has to offer," writer Adam Sawyer said.

Sawyer has never been to Spokane, let alone write about it, before.

"I am going to pitch it far and wide, whoever will take it, I will be writing about Spokane, I guarantee it," he said.

From sights to food, these writers are getting a full plate of what Spokane offers. One of their stops was a special food tour with Sante owner Jeremy Hansen, who can turn anyone into a foodie.

"It's got a great urban vibe, it's a place young people want to go, and then boomers want to go, it's a great destination and that's something I wouldn't expect," Rose said.

These writers also got to visit Arbor Crest and Coeur d'Alene, rafter the Spokane River and hiked in Liberty Lake. Visit Spokane hopes their writing will inspire other people to starting planning a vacation to the Inland Northwest.