Viral video features Spokane area airmen being blocked by protesters

Viral video features Spokane area...

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A video showing  two airmen in uniform being blocked from getting to Donald Trump's inauguration by protesters has gone viral.

The video, taken by Ryan Lovelace with the Washington Examiner, has over 8 million views on Facebook.

One of those viewers was Nicole Holland, from Spokane, who recognized the two as her fiance and father.

Staff Sgt. David Stefaniak and Major Dan Holland received tickets to the inauguration from Washington's Fifth District Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

They were on their way to the event, when they ran into protesters at a security checkpoint.

Stefaniak said the protesters were not aggressive, but he was confused   why they would not let them through.

“They want to be treated equally  you know, and here's two people walking up in uniform who fight for all American's rights, to protect what we have. And to stand there and deny people their rights is like exactly opposite of what your cause if for,” he said.

Fortunately, one of the protesters pointed them around the corner to another checkpoint, here they were able to get through and watch the whole event.

Staff Sgt. Stefaniak is stationed at Langley, VA. Major Holland is retired, and lives in the Spokane area.