Victim's mom concerned Payne may molest again

SPOKANE, Wash. - Richard Payne entered a trio of not guilty pleas Thursday on charges that he molested a five-year-old girl inside the NorthTown Mall.

Sex crimes detectives said that Payne also exposed himself during the incident in Bumper's family arcade.

Heather, the mother of the five-year-old girl Payne admitted to molesting, said Thursday she and her family were visiting from out-of-state when the incident happened.

Heather -- Payne victim's mom

It was the family's first vacation since the child's father died three years ago and just as the girl was getting over that loss she has more pain and fear to deal with.

The girl has become withdrawn and is afraid to leave her home, Heather said.

"After this offense she has reverted completely. Sitting in corners, crying without telling anybody where she's going, she just goes and hides and cries. You know, having accidents? Noticing when a stranger walks by they are not touching her, pulling herself closer to me," Heather said.

In Spokane Superior Court Thursday afternoon Payne, a registered sex offender, pleaded not guilty to a pair of molestation charges as well as indecent exposure.

The judge let Payne's bail amount remain at $250,000. The suspect's bondsman, Christopher Smith with Smith Family Bail Bonds, said Payne is wearing a GPS bracelet that would trigger an alarm if he got close to a park or a pool.

Heather, however, worries that even though Smith seems determined to keep Payne on this short high tech leash it's not enough to keep other kids safe.

"Yeah, not just for my daughter but just for the fact that he could do this to another child. I mean the bracelet is not going to stop him from touching another child. I mean just because he has it on doesn't control his hands and if a child passes by, there's that opportunity," Heather said.

Judge Jerome Leveque went over the conditions of Payne's release and reminded him any violations could prompt the court or the bonding company right back behind bars.