Victim faces Murphy at court hearing

SPOKANE, Wash. - One of the alleged victims of a former Shadle Park High School teacher suspected of having inappropriate relationships with female students made a surprise visit to a court hearing Wednesday.

Ryan Murphy, 44, was in court Thursday morning to enter not guilty pleas to three new charges, filed April 12, for second degree sexual misconduct, communication with a minor for immoral purposes and possession of child pornography.

When he arrived in court Murphy appeared shocked to see an 18-year-old woman seated in the gallery. That woman, who will not be identified, is one of his alleged victims.

Murphy accuser

"I think mostly I did want him to see me there and know that he's hurt me, and part of me was also just really interested in seeing him take the fall," the woman said.

Prosecutors said Murphy used his position as an instructor to spend time alone with the students and groomed the teens to feel they were in a genuine, loving relationship.

"I think that he never expected me or anyone else to come forward because he really felt he had us in a position where we weren't going to say anything, at least that's how I felt," the woman said. "He made me think he was very much in love with me and I was very much in love with him to and that was in itself enough for me not to say anything to anyone because that was a special relationship that I wanted to keep."

However, the student recalled once Murphy allegedly began pressing her for sex, she knew his love was really just lust.

"There was a point where the things that he would text me were incredibly inappropriate to a level that was kind of scary It was just way too much for me to handle and I tried to end things multiple times and he kind of wouldn't let me," she said. "Eventually, when I started hearing about what was going on with the other victim, then I decided it was time that I needed to say something because I realized I wasn't the only one that this was happening to."

Prosecutors had already charged  Murphy on March 7 with sexual misconduct in the first degree when the second alleged victim stepped forward and contacted Spokane police sex crimes detectives. The student says she was 16 when Murphy would encourage her to skip class to be with him and gave her better grades that she deserved. But, in the end, the teen says she became afraid of Murphy.

"When he started saying things to me that were that sexual it became scary, and when he was constantly asking me to meet up with him and asking where I was at any given time of the day, it was kind of weird to feel like someone was stalking me," she said. 

The teen said the incident has embarrassed her but said she plans to testify against Murphy in the hopes of keeping him from claiming any new victims in the future.

"If anything from this case, I mean aside from my feelings towards Murphy, I just want other girls who are in similar situations or being sexually exploited in any way that they can tell people and that there are things that can be done about it," she said.

Murphy was ordered not to have any contact with either alleged victim. He is currently not being held in custody.