Vandals target HaHa's Teriyaki Grill with racist graffiti

Vandals target HaHa's Teriyaki Grill with racist graffiti

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane police are looking for the individuals responsible for vandalizing Ha Ha's Teriyaki Grill at the corner of Lacey and Empire in the Hillyard neighborhood early Sunday morning.

This is the second time someone has targeted the Korean restaurant, not realizing the owner, 27-year-old John Ha, is an American citizen and Ferris High School graduate.

"We had actually experienced this before with a tag, a derogatory term on the same spot," Ha said.

Surveillance video caught the vandals attack the restaurant around 2 A.M. in the morning, breaking windows and tagging the building with racist graffiti.

"It's quite the hassle because not only do we have to replace them, but it takes time, and when it takes time we have to close down the business, pretty good toll on us," Ha said.

Customers are angry someone would target a hard working family based on their ethnic origin.

"I don't like to see and I don't think it's very representative of the way people feel around this area," Brent Schreiber said. "It's just sad to see. These are great hard working people, we eat here all the time."

Ha, who also attended classes at Gonzaga University, already knew Spokane supports diversity. The response he's received since Sunday morning tells him the broken glass and graffiti are isolated incidents.

"Of course I'm upset but I'm so uplifted with the community coming together, helping us pushing us through toward better days," he said.

This type of damage has happened before and coincided with school getting out for the summer, but even if teenagers are responsible it doesn't make it any less offensive or expensive.