Vandals hit North Spokane church

SPOKANE, Wash - 22204044

Members of the Mountain View Assembly of God church spent Monday morning trying to clean up hate speech and pornographic images, left behind on their church overnight.

Vandals covered the building with swastikas, racist words and phrases and pornographic drawings. But, instead of dwelling on the damage, Pastor Dan Henshaw and others rolled up their sleeves and began the work to clean it up.

"Someone must have had a lot of bitterness in their lives," said Pastor Henshaw.

Henshaw can't understand why someone would target the church, especially with a daycare inside.

"Some parents were shocked, some cried," Henshaw said, of their reaction to the sight Monday morning. "[They] couldn't believe someone would do this."

Church members weren't the only ones offended.

"It just made me sick. I couldn't stop thinking about it, it was horrible," said Eric Sletten, who works at Guardian Insurance next door. He saw the vandalism when he got to work Monday morning and wanted to help.

"I went home, grabbed a change of clothes and came by to try and scrub it off for these guys," Sletten said.

Spokane Police are investigating the crime. Officer Jen DeRuwe says there's enough damage to charge the vandals with a felony.

"It's appalling," said Officer DeRuwe. "And you say, why? Why would someone do this?"

Pastor Henshaw says he's praying for the vandals who did this and has already forgiven them.

"If that person  needed any help, [we'd] gladly help them and try to get them through this."

If you have any information about this crime, call Crime Check at 456-2233.