Vandals hit Hillyard Library, Northeast Community Center

SPOKANE, Wash. - Hillyard Library vandalism

Instead of books, the Hillyard library is now focusing on broken windows after vandals hit the library and Northeast Community Center, leaving a big mess in their wake.

At the library, cardboard and duct tape covers 10 windows smashed by vandals sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning. The vandals also smashed two windows at the community center next door to the library.

Community Center Director Jean Farmer said a custodian discovered the damage Monday morning. She said vandals target the center at least once during the summer.

It will cost about $600 to replace the broken windows at the community center, which will be money taken away from the nine agencies at the center that help low income families.

"It is frustrating but it's also a challenge because it says there are people who don't have what they need and we need to be looking at what that is. If, for example, it were youth that are doing this then we are looking at putting into place a youth program so they would have more constructive ways to use their time and less time to be frustrated and see what else they can get into," she said.

There are no surveillance cameras at either facility so the incident was not caught on video. The library is now considering installing cameras after this incident.