Urban Canine celebrates 10 years in business

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Urban Canine is celebrating ten years in business this year; they have two stores now, one on the South Hill and one on the Newport Highway, and it's not just their all natural quality selection of dog food but unique products like the 'boyfriend sweater' that keep people coming back.

"I wanted a job where I could bring my dog to work," Deborah Olmstead, owner of Urban Canine said.

The retail world is a hectic one, but Olmstead said she is happy to still be around after a decade.

Urban Canine

"We survived the recession so I am happy to report that," she said.

The idea for the store she got 10 years ago from watching Animal Planet has become a huge success selling fun and different pet products as well as natural products to keep your dogs calm without using drugs and free of ticks and fleas.

And of course there's the dog food; they literally move tons of it each week.

"People love their animals and they understand the long term benefits of better food, which is a little more expensive than in the big box store, but we have a loyal following and we love what we do and people know that," Olmstead said.