Unpaid bills could leave HOA residents with garbage, without water

Unpaid bills could leave HOA residents with garbage, without water

SPOKANE, Wash. - More than 135 homeowners in the Lyons Park community in north Spokane development are facing having their water shut off because their homeowners association hasn't been paying their water bills.

The residents in that community, located near the intersection of Lyons and Nevada, pay their water bills as part of their quarterly HOA fees.

However Wednesday those homeowners received letters from the City of Spokane threatening their water may soon be shut off. That letter was a 30-day notice that water, sewer and garbage services would be shut off because their HOA is behind approximately $100,000 in payments to the city for those services.

The utility billing division says it's one of the top five bills owed in the City of Spokane and has been an ongoing issue the city has been working to resolve with the HOA for two years.

Resident Tony Whitt questioned why the Lyons Park board, a group of elected residents, wasn't auditing the situation.

The kicker is we're not allowed to get a hold of them. From my perspective they have to be the middle man. Support our needs and then also keep in touch with what the HOA is doing," Whitt said.

Whitt said they have given him very little information about exactly what is going on.

"We'd asked them the questions about where the money was going, if they'd done an audit and their response was no and no and no," he said.

Whitt says the board, which refused to comment on this story, is planning to hiring a lawyer to pursue an investigation.

Attempts to contact the HOA that manages Lyons Park for comments on this story were unsuccessful, however the utility billing department confirmed they made a $29,000 payment Thursday.

However, in order to keep the water flowing, the HOA has to pay an additional $20,000.

The Spokane Association of Realtors says if you are moving into a home that has a homeowners association to ask questions, such as:

  1. Ask your relator if they have any information about the HOA.

  2. Ask what the HOA requires of it's homeowners.

  3. Talk to neighbors in the area you are looking to purchase as they are likely to know more than anyone else about the HOA.