UGM serves up Thanksgiving feast

UGM serves up Thanksgiving feast

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Convention Center is hosting the Union Gospel Mission's annual Thanksgiving feast Wednesday night.

Between 1,000-1,100 people are expected at the dinner, which will call for a lot of birds.

"We cook 210 turkeys for today," Russell MacKenzie, Director of Food Services at UGM, said. "We won't go through all of that today, but it'll be about 180, something like that."

Those turkeys are not prepped by your run-of-the-mill volunteers, but by Center Plate Catering professionals.

"So you have a chef, you have a real sous chef, and then we bring in a team of guys from the Mission, our own chef Derek Mobly and he brings some resident workers and we work together to put on this dinner," MacKenzie said.

The top shelf kitchen staff is matched only by the professional service corp, all local citizens donating their time to give people a first class dining experience.

"Seven years ago, the Union Gospel Mission partnered with the Spokane Facilities District and its entities to come up with this idea of not only reaching the poor or the homeless, but inviting the families who are having trouble making ends meet," Laurie Willson with the Union Gospel Mission said. "And we put our heads together and we came up with this amazing opportunity to use this facility and the city just rallied. It's been very exciting to watch it grow."

The final product is a meal fit for a king.

"People who are attending are going to be treated like royalty and I don't think they understand the classiness of the people who are waiting on them and preparing this for them," Willson said.

For dessert, Cyrus O'Leary's has donated several dozen pumpkin pies.