Two arrested after North Spokane McDonalds drive-thru robbery

Third fast food restaurant robbery in as many days

Robber hits McDonalds at Belt and Wellesley

SPOKANE, Wash. - Two people were taken into custody following a North Spokane McDonalds drive-thru robbery Thursday evening.

The robbery of the fast food restaurant at Belt and Wellesley was the third one hit in as many days, and police credited the assistance of several witnesses for helping corral the suspects.

"Actually it's kind of interesting because they're actually on a date when they saw this go down," Lt. Craig Meidl said.

The two witnesses told police they saw a masked man leaving the McDonalds drive-thru with something in his hand. The witnesses said they watched him get inside a silver truck in a nearby parking lot and take off. The witnesses followed the truck and called police.

Shortly after, officers located the vehicle at an apartment complex in north Spokane. Witnesses said the woman stayed in the vehicle, while the man fled.

"We heard sirens and I opened up my back door and the suspect ran right past me and my son," John Svavrsson said. "He looked at us and jumped over the fence that's behind our apartment complex."

Using a K-9, police found the male suspect hiding in some bushes in the 6700 block of Country Homes Boulevard. Both he and the woman were detained. Police said there was also a child in the truck, who was handed over to a relative.

The suspects were identified Friday morning as Thomas T. Craigen, 32, and 23-year-old Jessica M. Schwartzenberger. They were booked into the Spokane County Jail on a 1st degree robbery charge.

It's unknown if this robbery is connected to two others, but police say the motive is probably the same.

"A lot of what were seeing, these types of incidents are based on drugs," Lt. Meidl said. "These guys need to get money for their drugs and they're robbing these facilities to support their habits."

On Tuesday, the McDonalds on Monroe and Francis was hit; on Wednesday the Wendy's on Newport Highway was robbed. Police said the suspect displayed a black gun in those robberies.

Major Crimes detectives are investigating the possibility that Craigen and Schwartzenberger could be linked to the two other recent fast food robberies.