Truckers stay the night in Spokane, hope for better pass conditions tomorrow

Truckers stay the night in Spokane, hope for better pass conditions tomorrow

SPOKANE, Wash. - Truck drivers say the Petro Stopping Center off exit 272 on I-90 is a nice place to stay during a long haul. It has a restaurant, fresh coffee, and most of the essentials they need. But many drivers on Monday night, didn't want to be there. They were stuck.

"I was told to camp out here for the night," one driver said.

Snow closed I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass for several hours Monday morning and afternoon. While it opened up the resorts with fresh powder, it shut down the plans of many truck drivers. Halting their loads and packing the 250 overnight spots at Petro for trucks.

"It was a bunch of mess, a lot of snow," John and Kim Brown said.

The couple's trip was slowed down when they waited three hours Monday morning for the pass to reopen. Tomorrow they'll head home.

"I'm from Georgia so, I'm not used to this, haha," John Brown said.

"The highways were closed from Ellensburg to North Bend," said truck driver Troy Nell.

Even though it's the beginning of the week, Nell is already behind.

"I'm stuck here until tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get over tomorrow morning," he said.

Nell started in Montana and planned to make it to Tacoma, but had to stop in Spokane because the pass was closed. He says he'd already be on his next route if the pass was open.

"Probably have a load of lumber heading back to Ogden, Utah."

Truck drivers can drive for 11 hours a day. Even though they get paid by the mile, most of them spent the day parked.

"I'll make it up somehow," Nell said.

More snow is expected on Snoqualmie Pass this week. About a foot of snow is expected in each of the next three days.