Trio arrested for 2013 murder

Mark Broadwater beaten, dumped near Lake Fernan in North Idaho

SPOKANE, Wash. - Three people have been arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail on charges of 1st degree murder for the April 2013 killing of Mark Broadwater.

Jeffrey Sankey, 47 and Judy Diamond, 40, were arrested Wednesday and booked into the jail on a $2 Million bond. A third suspect, 44-year-old Peter O'Brien, had been arrested on unrelated charges several weeks ago and provided detectives vital information that helped crack the case and lead to the arrests.

According to court documents, the trio are suspected of killing 32-year-old Mark Broadwater in April 2013. Allegedly O'Brien and Sankey beat Broadwater to death at Diamond's encouragement at an apartment because they suspected he took money and drugs  from them.

Broadwater's mother believed her son was a heavy heroin / meth user, according to court documents.

O'Brien and Sankey allegedly took Broadwater's body and put it in a garbage can, borrowed a maintenance van and drove to North Idaho where they dumped Broadwater's body 'near the top of a mountain.'

On May 15 of this year O'Brien, who had been arrested several weeks ago on an unrelated warrant, led detectives to the site where he believed he and Sankey dumped Broadwater's body near Fernan Lake.

Broadwater's body was found the following day.

At the time of the discovery of the body, Spokane Police said they were investigating a missing persons case and said they had received a tip about a body in the Fernan Lake area. After contacting authorities in Kootenai County a search was conducted and a body was located in a remote area near Fernan Lake Road.

At the time, the police department declined to confirm any details regarding the missing persons case and the victim -- Broadwater -- wasn't identified until court records were unsealed Thursday.

Diamond, O'Brien and Sankey make their first court appearances on the murder charge Thursday afternoon.