Travelers going farther with lower gas prices

SPOKANE, Wash. - The peak summer travel season is officially here. Millions of Americans have already hit the road this 4th of July week.

Just a few months ago, some experts predicted gas would cost $5 a gallon during the summer, but instead of going up, gas has steadily gone down.

"Having it under $4 for diesel is awesome and we look for the deals," Lori White said.

Travelers going farther with lower gas prices

White, who is from Port Orchard, WA, is spending Independence Day in Spokane with her family in a camper trailer.

As they travel the state, it sometimes costs a pretty penny to gas up. "They won't even let us fill it all the way up, we get to a $100 and then they stop and then we have to put our card in to do it again," she said.

It took Linda Johnson and her husband 1,100 miles to get to Riverside State Park.

"We are from Denver, Colorado and we came up here to see this beautiful park," Johnson said.

When Linda's truck pulls her camper trailer, it only gets 12 miles a gallon. With the price at the pump slowly going down, Linda's breathing a sigh of relief.

"Maybe we will have a little money left over to do something at the end of the year," she said.

Gas in Spokane has dropped down 26 cents per gallon in a month. The average price for a gallon of gas in Spokane is currently $3.69.