Transportation package to include increased gas tax

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gas prices have been on the rise for 33 straight days but that's not stopping some state lawmakers from proposing a gas-tax hike.

On Wednesday lawmakers will unveil a new transportation package and it will include a 10-cent a gallon, gas tax hike.

If you fill up once a week, this means you could be spending an extra $100 dollars a year on the tax increase. The gas tax hike would be part of a $6-billion dollar plan to improve roads in the state.

Transportation package to include increased gas tax

"If the tax stays here and benefits us in Spokane, that's great. A lot of times Spokane doesn't get all the revenue from a state tax, it goes to western Washington's projects," driver Joe Sammons said.

But not all drivers share Sammons' enthusiasm about the proposed tax. 

"It sucks because we still have to get gas, everybody already has to get gas," driver Caitlin Sutton said.

Passing the increase would require a two-thirds vote in the Washington House and Senate or would need to be passed by a vote of the people.

If this tax is approved, Washington would have the third highest gas tax in the nation when you combine state and federal taxes.