Transitions wins $20k design contest to renovate common area

SPOKANE, Wash. - Moving homeless women and children out of chaos and into stability just got a little easier for a local non-profit organization.

Transitions won a $20,000 design contest and recently renovated one of their living spaces on Hemlock Street. In 72 hours they renovated the space which will give 16 young mothers and their children a common area that's not only up to date, but perfectly suited to the needs of a very diverse group of families in transition.

This is the very first contest of its kind; Design For A Difference made a call to designers at the local level for entries and, thanks to Gina Cook and another local designer, Transitions won.

Before the renovation there wasn't much to the common area other than mismatched, donated furniture.

"It needed a lot of TLC, but with just the weekend and the facelift we have transformed it into something that I think is going to be very comfortable for the residents here," Cook said.

Mary Tracey of Transitions said the upgrade not only improves the functionality of the transitional living center, but will be a source of pride for the families living here, a message that someone cares about them enough to do all of this.

"It's space dedicated to everyone we serve, so there's an area for the moms and quiet reflection, and for little kids we have a space to play and for the teenagers there's a place to do your homework and we also have kind of a little tech center," Tracey explained.