Traivon Asterino's life celebrated by friends and family

SPOKANE, Wash. - Traivon Asterino's life celebrated by friends and family

The candles at Traivon Asterino's memorial have long since burned out, but the hopes for justice from friends and family have not.

Asterino was found face down in a field in the 4400 block of East Buckeye on August 28th with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The way Asterino died left a lot of questions, both for law enforcement and for those that knew him best.

"That's probably the hardest thing… that we don't know. We don't know what happened," said Traivon's wife Michelle Asterino.

But missing answers aren't keeping family and friends from remembering how Traivon Asterino lived instead of how he died.

"To me it don't matter. All that matters to me is that he's gone," said Michelle Woods, the mother of two of Asterino's children.

Those close to Asterino shared laughs and memories on Monday. His wife Michelle says she keeps a candle burning for the man who made everyone smile.

"We've been basically celebrating 'Trai' all weekend," said Michelle Asterino.

The sheriff's department is investigating Traivon's death as a homicide, but there were questions about his possible suicide.

"He was going through a lot, but the way it all happened that night, I don't… there's no way," said Michelle Asterino.

Detectives say when they found him, he was face down with a bullet wound to the chest.

"Even if he was going through it, sad, mad, he was trying to be there for everybody else no matter what he was going through," said Michelle Asterino.

On Monday questions were put on hold and replaced with memories of a friend.

"Having someone that you can hang out with and then at the same time if you're having a problem or anything be right there for you," said Traivon's friend Emory Reeves.

Eventually, the 'why' will have to be answered. For everyone.

"They've been asking a lot of questions. And a lot I can't answer," said Woods.

Friends and family who wish to help with funeral expenses are asked to send donations to the Heritage Funeral Home.