Tour of Haunted Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Ghost stories aren't just for Halloween- they are tales told year round at several businesses throughout downtown Spokane.

Friday night, dozens of people toured the most haunted areas in downtown Spokane, including the Fox Theater and The Davenport Hotel.

Wendy Start with the Fox Theater organized the 90-minute walking tour to highlight the spookiest places in the city and unveil several dark secrets.

Start said the Fox has its own resident ghost named Otis.  Legend has it Otis was an employee who fell from a rafter and died decades ago.  Start said Otis started acting up when the theater underwent major renovations five years ago.

"Lots of things started happening," said Start.

Haunted Spokane

"We had a lot of workers who came in and didn't believe in that stuff and after the project they left as believers because we had many things-tools going missing, lights going on and off, doors locking . . . just a lot of things that couldn't be explained," she added 

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the tour was the basement of Atticus on Howard Street.

The basement is now a storage area for the coffee shop, but if you look closer you can see remnants of an old speakeasy. 

" I think most people don't even know are still out there and they are just wonderful to go into because you really feel like you're stepping back in time," said Wendy Start

Spooky Spokane will offer tours again next year.