Too lazy to use a remote? There may be technology for that

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - For anyone who has lost a remote control, new technology is on the horizon that will allow you to interact with your television like never before.

In fact, new technology may eliminate the need for you to click a mouse, push a button or swipe a screen, no matter if you're using your TV, PC or tablet.

Software companies are moving forward with gesture-control for home electronics, gaming, laptops, even cars. 

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Think about the time you spend to look for a remote control. Instead of that, you have your hands with you all the time. You can just raise it and control the volume or browse different channels.

TVs are a target device, because of their stationary position in a room and consumers' generally stationary viewing habits. But instead of learning how to operate a remote control, the TV has to get to know you better.

We don't need to learn to interact with the device; instead our technology helps the device better understand you and read your body language.

One challenge in the early stages of the technology: different gestures across different devices for the same action, meaning manufacturers may have to come up with some standards, down the line.