Toddler run over by lawnmower returns home

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Medical Lake toddler, severely injured in a lawn mower accident, is now home from the hospital.

In August, 3-year-old Juliette Nau lost all but one of her toes on her left foot and most of her heel on her right foot when she was accidentally run over by a lawn mower.

Juliette's injuries were so severe she was airlifted to Sacred Heart, where over the course of the past 36 days doctors have performed several surgeries to repair her wounds.

Toddler run over by lawnmower at home

"It's incredible what they were able to accomplish in 36 days," said Juliette's mom, Lesley Johnson

Doctors used skin from Juliette's thigh and muscle from her back to repair veins in her feet and cover her wounds.

"Every doctor I've been talking to, pretty confidently has said to me they do believe she will walk again," said Johnson

"I've told her she's going to walk again and that makes her really, really happy. She's waiting for that," she said

On Monday, the same day as Juliette's birthday, doctors gave her the ok to go home. Johnson said they celebrated with pizza and a pink Barbie birthday cake.

"It's amazing to have her here with me, under my roof- not [have] the stress of going back and forth from the hospital," she said.

Even though Juliette is home from the hospital, her road to recovery is far from over. Johnson said they will meet with an orthopedic surgeon next week to see what other surgeries she'll need to repair bones and ligaments.

Johnson said she is thankful for all the support and prayers during the past month.

"People have driven groceries home for me, toys to her. Phone calls, e-mails, messages to me from around the world;, people wanting to know how's she's doing," she said

"I'm so grateful. It's made everything so much easier, so I could sleep go to and from the hospital; be off work," she said

A spaghetti feed to help with medical expenses and other basics is set for Saturday, Sept. 23rd at St. Anne's Catholic Church in Medical Lake.