Time running out on parking ticket amnesty program

Time running out on parking ticket amnesty program

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you have unpaid parking tickets in Spokane that have gone to collections you're running out of time to get them taken care of.

In fact you have until midnight Monday to get them paid at face value as part of the city's parking ticket amnesty program.

More than a hundred people paid off their tickets – roughly 580 citations of them – during the amnesty program but there are many more that have not taken advantage of the program. Those that didn't pay their tickets are now eligible to get the boot.

That means starting Tuesday if you don't pay off your tickets within 48 hours your car will be booted and towed. You can also be booted if you park downtown and have four or more unpaid parking tickets.

"A hundred and twenty five citizens have taken advantage of the amnesty program and they've paid off over 580 citations. Which is a total of about $30,000 but they also saved about $30,000 in fees and interest from paying them off during the amnesty program," Julie Happy with the City of Spokane said.

Now this is just a dent in what is owed as there is close to $4 Million in unpaid fees from parking tickets.