Through bitter cold, blazing heat, construction crews carry on

Through bitter cold, blazing heat, construction crews carry on

SPOKANE, Wash. - Seven months ago the crews were at Walt Worthy's new hotel downtown working through the bitter cold. Now they've shed the coats and are chugging gallons of water to beat the heat.

It's terrible. Just ask Jeff Jolley, who has been working on the Grand Hotel for a year.

"With the clothing requirements -- jeans, boots, hard hat -- it's hot," he said.

The key to beating the heat is simple. Drink water.

"At least a half a gallon to a gallon of water," Jolley said.

"A gallon and a half to two gallons a day ... most people should," construction worker Westley Wilson said.

It's a stark contrast to last winter, when back last December workers on the property were bundled up in six layers of clothing to try and take the edge off the chilling temperatures.

"It was the most miserable working conditions ever," Jolley said.

If he had a choice, Jolley would take sun over snow.

"I mean I can work in this and it's OK, your body seems to work twice as hard and it's super cold," he said.

While Wilson and Jolley agree the perfect construction weather would be sunny in the 70s, whether its bitter cold or blazing hot, the construction work will go on.

"It's hot, you just deal with it," Jolley said.

Jolley, Wilson and the rest of the construction workers will be dealing with another frigid winter later this year as construction on the Grand Hotel isn't expected to be completed until next summer.