Three arrested for drive-by paintball shootings

Five pedestrians reportedly shot across Shadle, Hillyard neighborhoods

SPOKANE, Wash. - Three teens have been arrested and are facing felony assault charges after they were caught driving around Spokane neighborhoods shooting pedestrians with a paintball gun.

On Wednesday, Spokane police received multiple calls that a truck was driving past pedestrians in the Shadle and Hillyard neighborhoods, and shooting them with paintballs.

At least five people reported they had been shot by paintballs from the truck, though officers believe more people were assaulted.

Three arrested for drive-by paintball shootings

Maria McLauchlin was hit three times while standing outside her house on North Addison.

"It was like a pop, pop type of thing and then it was over," Maria McLauchlin said. "Oh, it just stung really bad," she added.

McLauchlin's mom, Cleta Delacruz was also hit while driving a few blocks away.

"All of a sudden we heard this boom, hit our windshield and yellow paint was like splattered on it and he [husband] says 'that truck just shot a paintball," Cleta Delacruz said.

"How bizarre to hit a car and it just so happens to be the parents of the girl you just hit?  I mean how bizarre it that?" Delacruz said.

Delacruz and her husband then followed the truck a few blocks away where police pulled the suspects over and arrested them.

"I think it's crappy all the way around.  I think they are jerks and they need to rethink their life," McLauchlin said.

Dan Davenport with Spokane Airsoft and Paintball believes the teens were in his store Wednesday stocking up on paintball supplies.

Davenport said the teens bought a bag of paintballs and filled up a CO2 cartridge.

"There's a time and a place for paintball. Driving down the street shooting out a pickup is not one of them ," Davenport said.

"It's irresponsible and makes us look bad and there's no excuse for it," he added.

Davenport is helping detectives with their investigation. "I hope they have a good lawyer," he said.

Police took Robert Lee, 18, Kainoa Adams, 19 and Samuel Salsbury, also 19, into custody. The trio are now facing five counts of felony third degree assault.

One victim received medical treatment for their injuries, police reported.