Thieves make off with trailer used to serve local veterans

Thieves make off with trailer used to serve local Veterans

SPOKANE, Wash. - The annual Veteran's Day Picnic, hosted by Point Man International Ministries, might be canceled this year after thieves stole the trailer of picnic supplies and equipment last week.

"There isn't a lot to show you right now because most of it is gone, " said Michael Zorn, a Vietnam War vet who runs the small non-profit with his wife.

The large trailer, filled with thousands of dollars worth of food and service equipment, was outside Point Man International Ministries' storage facility in northeast Spokane on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, neighboring businesses noticed it was gone.

The trailer has military insignia stickers on it, but was otherwise unmarked. Zorn thinks who ever took it knew what they were stealing.

"When people steal I don't really know whats in their minds except they are not willing to work," said Zorn. "They are more than likely into drugs or something."

He knows that someone must have some information about the trailer's whereabouts, and hopes someone comes forward.

"We have got a lot of eyes around the community and if somebody would see it please let us know," said Zorn.

Anyone with information about what happened to the trailer is asked to call Mike Zorn at (509) 994-7177 or to call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233 to leave and anonymous tip.