Thief steals Cat Davis' car

SPOKANE, Wash. - The community has rallied around Cat Davis, the young Spokane woman fighting a devastating disease, in the last few months, but someone didn't get the memo after her car was stolen overnight.

Cat's 2012 silver Nissan Sentra was stolen from downtown Spokane. She went to a movie with some friends and her nieces and parked in a metered spot right outside Nordstrom. When she came back Monday morning to get her car it was gone.

To make matters worse she's leaving Tuesday morning to continue her treatment in Chicago; not only did she lose her car but everything inside it, including medicine, her passport and other important belongings.

Cat Davis Car stolen

For a girl who has been through so much, she's staying positive like she always does.

"Luckily it's only a car, I'm not like crying over it but it's definitely a setback," she said. "I guess when it rains, it pours, but I just got to stand in the rain and that's what I have been doing and continue to do and the police department knows and they are looking for it."

For the last three and a half weeks, Cat's been home on a break from the stem-cell transplant doctors hope will save her life. She said this break has been a blessing. She has enjoyed spending time with her family and friends but is eager to get back to chicago to finish her treatment.

If you have seen her 2012 Nissan Sentra with Arizona license plate ATJ9378 you're asked to contact the Spokane Police Department.