The show will go on at Knitting Factory

SPOKANE, Wash. - The show will go on at the Knitting Factory after the city of Spokane has decided to reinstate its entertainment license.

A short-lived suspension of the business, which initially could have lasted up to 20 days, was precipitated by a shooting outside the concert venue following a private function held there Monday. After the shooting Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub decided to pull the plug on future events at the concert venue.

The type of music that precedes the violence is either rap or hip-hop which brings rival gang members together under one roof, but on Thursday, Knitting Factory Chief Operations Officer Greg Marchant said he's not ready give up on the music.

Knitting Factory reopening

"We're looking at people's actions, we're looking at people not groups or genres. We're sharing information about what's happening in other markets and what's happening in this market," Marchant said.

That means police are going to become a lot more familiar with the Knitting Factory's schedule and staff those night's accordingly.

"Letting us know that an event is shutting down, that there's a large number of people who are going to be released so we can move patrol and other police resources into the area," Straub said.

Meanwhile the concert hall may step up screening its guests for weapons and performers have told police they'll ask their fans to behave after the shows.

"We can help to send messages to our attendees that we too want them to enjoy the event but also leave the event and act responsibly," Straub said.

If nothing else, Marchant knows bad behavior is bad for his business and pledged to make improvements.

"We want our guests to be safe, it's a number one priority for us as well. If our guests aren't safe, then people are not having a good time and showing people a good, safe time  is our number on priority here at the Knitting Factory," he said.

Marchant, headquartered in Boise, flew up to Spokane to meet with Straub and Spokane Mayor David Condon. He seems truly interested in working with the police department which is great news for surrounding businesses.

But does this mean the Knitting Factory is out of hot water? Actually, the decision to reopen the establishment is more of a temporary reprieve.  The club has 90 employees and the chief didn't want them to lose a paycheck so they are going to get back to work, however the police department is going to be looking for the venue to be making improvements.