Tent city eviction notices posted, homeless respond

SPOKANE - The crackdown on the tent city for the homeless in Spokane has begun. Thursday morning officers handed out, and posted notices to vacate the area. The process was  civil and there were no mishaps or arrests.

The notice also lists a number of resources and shelters for them. Officers will start handing out tickets and clearing the camps Friday at 11 a.m.

"Here comes the police again," Doug Seibold said.

The time for tent city is running out, as it's set to crumble Friday. If the tent city was a city, Seibold would be the mayor.

Tent City Eviction

"We get kicked out of here and we got to go somewhere," he told officers. "There'll be little patches of people everywhere."

Seibold's lived under the freeway for three months, and says there were only five people living there back then. Seibold claims police have threatened to throw them out before, but never have. This time, Doug's taking it seriously.

"I'm going back to Arizona or something where it's warmer," he said.

Captain Frank Scalise, hopes the homeless turn to services and shelters instead of squatting. If they refuse, he thinks tickets will be issued and doesn't plan on any arrests.

"(Arrests) happen very infrequently in situations like this, I don't anticipate that'll happen," Capt. Scalise said.

Police are hoping the homeless will turn to the help instead, provided on the notice.

"These three [shelters], they're completely full," Doug said.

Seibold says many of the people can't go to shelters because they have drug and alcohol addiction. They may have to move to other cities to survive.

"I don't know what the solution is. I don't think there is one."