Teen who set off pop bottle bombs at Ferris charged

SPOKANE, Wash. - Criminal charges have been filed against the teen who confessed to setting off pop bottle bombs during finals week at Ferris High School in January.

The two explosions on January 23 prompted school officials to evacuate 1,600 students from the campus.

According to court documents, the teen, who is a minor and has not been named, researched pop bottle explosions on YouTube and then practiced setting off devices at his house in the days prior to January 23.

Pop bottle charges

The 17-year-old has been charged with malicious placement of an imitation device in the second degree and third degree assault because of the bodily harm he caused to the school's resource officer and the custodian. The resource officer said she "sustained irritation of her respiratory tract from the chemicals" while the custodian suffered a chemical burn on his hand.

The teen admitted to investigators that he planned, prepared and deployed the two bombs. He went to WalMart to buy the materials, and even tested the device several days before. The teen said he made the devices by pouring "The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner" into the bottles along with 30 aluminum foil balls, which caused the bottle to explode.

Court documents say the student excused himself from first period to use the bathroom, took his backpack with him, and then placed the first pop bottle in an "inconspicuous location" in the F building.

As for the second bomb that went off in the boys' bathroom, court documents say surveillance video show the teen entering the bathroom and then leaving a minute before the second one went off.

As for why he did it, that's not in the court documents in this case but will most likely come out in court. The teen has a court appearance in April and its not known yet if he will be tried as an adult.

When contacted for comment, the teen's mother said she had no comment except to say her son is now being home schooled.