Teen murder suspect of WWII vet gets bond reduced

Judge Annette Plese orders release of court documents in murder investigation to media

Teen murder suspect of WWII vet gets bond reduced

SPOKANE, Wash. - Friday morning a Spokane judge reduced the bond of one of two teens suspected of beating a WWII veteran to death last year.

After hearing arguments from the attorney of Kenan-Adams Kinard, Judge Annette Plese lowered Kinard's bond from $3 Million to $1 Million.

Kinard, along with Demetrius Glenn, are suspected of beating Delbert "Shorty" Belton as he sat in his car in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge last summer.

When Glenn heard police were looking for him in connection to Belton's murder he turned himself in and is being held in lieu of a $1 Million bond, the amount usually set for suspected killers in Spokane.

Detectives had to track down Kinard and after his arrest his bond hit a record-setting $3 Million and Kinard's attorney argued before Plese Friday morning that his client's bond should be lowered because of his ties to the community and because of the inequity of the bond amount.

"Given what I was able to investigate in similar type cases over the last several years nobody's had a bond anywhere near this," public defender Derek Reid said.

Reid also pointed out that Kinard's bond is set three times as high as his co-defendant. Even the deputy prosecutor saw the obvious inequity.

"I've never seen a bond this high in a case of this nature but I do believe a significant bond needs to be in place," deputy prosecutor Mark Cippola said. "Mr. Kinard is charged with an offense that could get him life in prison. He is a risk of flight."

Plese agreed Kinard is both a flight risk and a risk to the community's safety but scaled back the bond.

Kinard's family will have to raise $1 Million in collateral and hand over a non-refundable $100,000 to a bonding company to win his release.

During Friday morning's hearing Plese also ordered the case reports on the murder investigation be opened to the media. Last November Plese ruled to delay the release of 1,500 pages of court documents in the murder investigation.

The delay was ordered after Glenn's attorney, Chris Phelps, argued that he didn't want his client's case from being detailed in the media and that while he respected the public's right to know he wanted to insure Glenn received a fair and impartial trial.

Multiple media outlets, including KXLY, petitioned the court for the release of the court documents.

Kinard and Glenn are facing first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges in the beating death of Belton. They could face life in prison if convicted.