Teen gets five days in jail for assault on Spokane couple

Teen gets five days in jail for assault on Spokane couple

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane couple assaulted by a group of teens outside the Steam Plant Grill in January are upset over the light sentence given to the teen who attacked them.

In January Bruce and Billie Palmer were leaving dinner at the Steam Plant Grill when a group of teens surrounded their car.

"We backed up into the alley to head down to Howard and that's when this group came around the corner and filled the alley and as they passed," Bruce Palmer said.

When they filled the alley Bruce was forced to come to a complete stop.

"As they passed my vehicle, one of them took something and slammed the back in of the van," Bruce recalled.

Billie rolled down her window to a cursing teen screaming that he had been struck by their vehicle. The concerned couple then got out of their car.

"The thug who beat me, he just came at me and exploded and I tried to keep him at bay but he was determined, determined to fight," Bruce recalled.

He had to make a split second decision: Defend himself or try and get a hold of the teen until the cops came.

"Hold him on the ground, and hopefully be able to hang on long enough and survive until the police got there. Because that was the only way I was going to be able to get any justice out of it," Bruce said.

For his efforts Bruce suffered a broken nose, cuts on his face and bruises all over his body.

So what happened to his attacker?

He was sentenced to five days in jail, with six days of probation.

Bruce and Billie Palmer are now left with many questions. They have filed for restitution but still feel a loss for justice.

"The police will tell you, it is a revolving door. They process most of these minors, they're violent, and they're back up out on the streets," Bruce said, adding his only hope is people learn from what happened and demand change.

"My greater concern is the people of Spokane didn't get justice out of this. We have a dangerous criminal element that lives on the streets of Spokane," he said.

"I'm not the last one to get attacked downtown. It will happen again."

After the attack occurred the Spokane Police Department said this incident is very rare and, in fact, violent crime in downtown is down 25-percent from last year.