Target opens on Spokane's South Hill

Developer, Dave Black, said it was in 2004 when he started the process to bring Target to the South Hill.

"It's just a great feeling, it's been a gauntlet to get this project done," said Black.

It has been a combined effort to make not only Target possible, but the entire district center. From the city, to the developers, and the Southgate Neighborhood Council.

"Nobody didn't want the Target. I don't think anybody said a bad word about it," said Ted Teske, Southgate Neighborhood Chairman.

On Tuesday, after years of negotiations and planning, Target opened it's doors to hundreds of eager shoppers.

"Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to is so excited they always ask me, when's the Target store opening," said Black.

Teske said he looks to Target as a great starting point for the district center.

"I don't think it's a place we want to stay. I think we want to move towards the pedestrian oriented style of district center," said Teske.

Other businesses opening in the area are PetSmart, Cafe Rio, Salley Beauty Supplies, Anothony's Beach Cafe, Mod Pizza, and a haircut chain.

Teske said the ultimate vision of the project is to reflect Kendall Yards.

"I think we're just hoping that as it matures, as it fills in we can really make it ours. Make it our neighborhood, let's make it the South Hills and something that's unique to Spokane," said Teske.

In total there will be a combination of 13 different shops and retailers.