Tailgater co-owner convicted of fraud, embezzlement

SPOKANE, Wash. - Tailgater owner convicted vo

The co-owner of the Spokane sports bar The Tailgater is in a San Diego jail, convicted of fraud, ID theft and embezzling half a million dollars.

Earlier this month, a California jury found Kyla Goff guilty of fraud, ID theft and embezzlement. Her bar, The Tailgater, located at 1221 N. Howard across the Spokane Arena, is now closed, with a For Lease sign out front.

Goff's conviction stems from another business she was running in 2008. Before she and her husband Clark opened The Tailgater, they spent a year and a half in San Diego running American Recycling.

The San Diego prosecutor said that between June 2008 and January 2011, Goff stole $340,000 from the business and took another $160,000 to pay bills, back taxes and buy plane tickets.

In 2011 the couple, along with a business partner, opened The Tailgater here in Spokane.

Charges against Kyla's husband Clark were dropped after his trial ended in a hung jury earlier this month.

Kyla Goff is facing up to three and a half years in prison when she's sentenced on Nov. 8.