Tag and microchip your pets, because dogs and cats can't talk

Tag and microchip your pets, because dogs and cats can't talk

SPOKANE, Wash. - While the summer months is typically a busy time of the year for SCRAPS, the number of pets they've received this year far exceeds that of past years.

On average the shelter will take in just over 100 animals during what they call their busy season. As for this year, Janet Dixon with SCRAPS said that since July 1 they've taken in 89 dogs and 145 cats. cases they have no way of contacting animal owners, adding that collars are not fashion statements, they should have tags hanging on them.

"Many of the dogs that we have received have no identification what so ever. Your license, your microchip, is your animal's phone call home," she said.

SCRAPS will hold dogs for five days but cats are put up for adoption upon arrival, often because of the large quantities they receive. In a day SCRAPS can receive up to seven litters of kittens totaling around 35 kittens.

"That's an incredible amount of kittens for us to get every day. Most of these kittens are what's called a neonate which means they've been separated from their mother too soon they have to be bottle fed," Dixon said.

If a litter is bottle fed SCRAPS has to find them a foster home and that can be up to seven foster homes a day.

Dixon hopes that owners become more cautious and pay better attention to closing doors and back gates behind them.

"We're hoping that the influx does not last into the summer," she said.

Pet owners can license their animals online or by going to the SCRAPS shelter.

As for the animals in the shelter right now, until Sunday SCRAPS is running an adoption special. All adoption fees are waived and you just have to pay for licensing.